Sunday, July 30, 2017

Market Specials

I love the feeling of bustling markets filled with strange goods, but players buying from equipment lists without the need for DM adjudication is so utilitarian as to have wholly supplanted any market-related roleplaying in my game. Telecanter made some cool shopping rules which I'll try out, but just for special commissions, since speed is a huge concern for me. Interactions that don't require DM adjudication are lamentably few and far between as it is. As a sort of compromise I've started utilizing "market specials" - the first time in a session the PCs say they're going through the marketplace (a central location in their borough as you might imagine), I tell 'em what freshly unloaded good is causing a buzz. Last session there was a foreigner with five "miniature bears" he was selling as exotic pets. One PC immediately bought one of the adorable critters and proudly walked it around town (leading to an invitation to meet an ennui-burdened noble, but that's another story), so I'd say it's worked out so far.

The left column is the general type. The right column is the specific good, which will be crossed out and replaced when it's rolled.

Good type Specific good
1 Exotic pet Teacup bears
2 Fine / exotic mount Riding lizards
3 Exotic arms Meteor hammers
4 Exotic armor Beetle carapace cuirasses
5 Elegant clothing Peacock feather cloaks
6 Foodstuff Candied emerald serpent
7 Charms / amulets Nightmare-banishing amulets
8 Fine tobacco, wine, etc Spiced cigars
9 Exotic drugs Opal honey – hallucinate, see spirits
10 Unearthed treasures Dusk oil – evaporates into black mist

Then roll twice on the drawback / benefit table. Pick the closest entry if the roll is contradictory. This section may need to be tweaked or just dropped.

Drawback Benefit
1 Expensive High quality
2 Cursed / haunted Extra cool
3 Low quality None
4 Reserved Extra useful
5 Requires permit Two-for-one
6 Stolen Provides clue / info
7 Unfashionable Cheap
8 Waiting time In fashion
9 Cult markings Magical / blessed
10 Fake Other side benefit

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Three Wands

Mechanics are with Gutters, Guilds, and Grimoires in mind, but again should be easy enough to convert to your system of choice. Apologies for the poor image quality, the phone camera just didn't cut it on these.

Gray Vengeance
Projects colorless flame in a beam 80' long, dex save at disadvantage to avoid.
Does dX+1 damage. If you roll max damage, the wand is partially depleted and goes down the die chain on future uses. (d8 -> d6 -> d4 -> depleted)
Most wands start on d6. Minor wands of Gray Vengeance start on d4, Greater wands on d8.
If 5+ damage is dealt with the wand, a mind point is temporarily drained from the victim. Burns inflicted with the wand are crumbly and colorless.

Constructed from tempered dim glass with a core of witch ash taken from the death-pyre of Waruda the Traitor by sympathetic agents. Waruda was denounced by several rival Strigastadt nobles who claimed she was scheming to take the life of the Queen. She was stripped of her titles and burned at the stake for treason. The Order of the Silver Pyre have been seen armed with these wands on their raids.

Statistical note on expected charges:
starting with d4: 25% <= 2 uses, 50% <= 3, 75% <= 6
starting with d6: 25% <= 5 uses, 50% <= 8, 75% <= 13
starting with d8: 25% <= 10 uses, 50% <= 16, 75% <= 23

A porcelain wand with simple cobalt flowers painted upon it. Heavy and cool in your hand. Wakens the spirit of an object, animating it and allowing the holder of the wand to command it to perform simple tasks. The objects are best able to accomplish things they know how to do - brooms sweep, spoons stir, brushes scrub. Can keep up to six objects animated at a time, each less than 20 pounds, for up to an hour each. Each time the wand is used, roll a d12. On a 12 the wand is depleted but the object's spirit is awakened for a year and a day.

A supple branch with delicate pink flowers. Causes plants to bloom. Works even on wooden objects, which will form a layer of bark before sprouting flowering twigs of its species moments later. There is a creaking rustling noise as the twigs push outwards. Range 20', affects all plants or wood within 5' of the target point. Each time used, roll a d12. On a 12 the wand is depleted but the target plants will blossom for a year and a day. Fertilized flowers will still fruit, but immediately regrow once the fruit drops. Multiple uses on the same plant may have deleterious effects.

There were nine wands originally but I decided I wanted to practice drawing with them, so it'll take me a bit longer to finish and post 'em.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Six Spells

The names for these were taken from the spell name generator I posted a while back - the goal of which was to get spells that sounded suitably metal. :) 

Stats are written for my house-rules game (Gutters, Guilds, and Grimoires), but should be easily convertible for whatever old-school system you use.
Crown of Fingers - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: ???.
Make a crown of exactly eleven human fingers before chanting the spell. The wearer of the crown can dominate corporeal undead (non-mindless undead get a save). Each time the wearer establishes control over a new undead creature an index finger shrivels and scorches. When no more index fingers are left, the crown ceases to function. Control over undead lasts for 1d8 turns (DM rolls in secret). In addition, the wearer of the crown is able to interact with non-corporeal undead. This means you can hit them, but they can hit you more easily too and gain advantage when attacking you.

Summon the Volcanic Tar - Sorcerer Rank 1, Source: Kad-Athoth.
Calls forth an eruption of smoking stinking tar in a 10' radius area. Creatures caught in the blast take 1d4 damage, and those in the area take 1d4 each round. Requires a strength check to pull free of the sticky tar. Lasts 1d6+1 rounds.

Dream Jackal - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: Rhothastep.
Summons a Dream Jackal, an ethereal creature that scavenges on the dreams of unsuspecting victims, tearing off scraps of the restful substance before moving on. Just before dawn it returns, sharing half the spoils with the summoner and leaving the victims feeling drained and with vague memories of ripping teeth and baleful eyes. On a successful luck check the summoner gleans a bit of useful information from one of the dreams. They also gain the benefits of having rested extra time, depending on the location of the casting:
                 Villages: 1d4 days worth of rest
                 Towns: 1d6+1
                 Cities: 2d6
For students of sorcery, there may be a possibility of recognizing a Dream Jackal gnawing on your dreams, and following it back to its source when it is satiated. For this or other reasons, Dream Jackals indulge with the rarefied dreams of sorcerers less frequently than they might desire.

Blade Gate - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: Yahil.
The caster designates a door, gate, archway, etc. Through this area blades cannot pass. When someone attempts to bring one through, the blade is ripped from their grasp by unseen forces and added to the gate's frame. If someone passes through without gifting a blade to the gate, all the accumulated blades attack until they get at least ten feet away. The caster is ignored by the gate. Lasts 1d6+1 turns or until 13 blades are accumulated. Can double those numbers by casting as a rank 3 sorcery.
An aside - the Rotting Void is linked in odd ways to the lower levels of hell, bottomless pits all over the world, and much stranger places. It is a zero gravity lightless void, yet retains enough air to breathe. It is dominated by wrecks of corpses populated by grubs, flies, and other scavengers of rot which migrate as new food becomes available. The scattered entrances to the Rotting Void provide the new food at high velocities. Enormous corpses of unrecognizable creatures are the hubs of the Rotting Void, providing enough sustenance for years of feasting.

The Beam of the Rotting Void - Sorcerer Rank 1, Source: The Rotting Void.
Harnesses the energies of the Rotting Void, accelerating decay in a target caught in the beam. To organic creatures this does 1d6 damage, and the target must save or the wound becomes septic. Inanimate organic objects become weakened by rot.

Teeming Bolt - Sorcerer Rank 2, Source: The Rotting Void.
A chunk of bone with scraps of rotting matter is hurled at the target. The insects which gnawed the corpse down to this stub cover it in a writhing blanket. On impact it does 1d6 damage, and the ravenous insects deal an additional 1d4 each round until removed by fire or some other method. If rotten flesh is nearby they will prefer it.

Friday, June 9, 2017

d20 Figurines

So I got a bit burnt out and put the Strigastadt campaign on hiatus. It had a good run of 10 months this time around before I got worn out. I reckon when we return I'll pick up with the Forgotten Shore hexcrawl, several years after the last events. At the moment my friend Alex is picking up the slack and running a super rad game where we play WWII GIs who've voyaged into the hollow earth to blow up secret Nazi bases. We're doing a hexcrawl and repeatedly getting fucked up by dinosaurs and shit, it's hella fun.

With the stress of running a game every week gone, and the inspiration of playing in other folk's games I'm already feeling a lot more excited about writing up game stuff. It's been good. North Texas RPG Con was especially motivating, I played in a lot of really awesome games and had a ton of fun. I also ran Index Card D&D on a Friday night and it went great, folks really seemed to enjoy it. I might write up a brief post on that later.

Anyway, here's d20 figurines! Roll 3d20 and mix up the columns, or 1d20 and read across. I might add a random downsides column at some point but I'm too sleepy to think up any right now.

d20 Material Form Function
1 Porcelain Tiger Animates as a full-sized creature under owner's command for 1 hour, once per week
2 Red & Black Earthenware Demon Once a day, feed the figurine 1 HP of your blood to gain one temporary luck
3 Labradorite Skeleton When a hit would reduce you to zero HP, reduce the damage by 2 and the figurine shatters
4 Opalite Owl Once a day, can see through the figurine's eyes for 1 hour
5 Jasper Raven If you're the target of a spell, make a luck check. On success, nullify spell and this shatters
6 Coral Raccoon Doubles growth rate of plants within 10' if given blood once a week
7 Malachite Bear Once a day, can become searingly hot for up to an hour
8 Tiger Eye Heron Radiates coolness 5', your saves against fire/heat based attacks are at advantage
9 Turquoise Fox Once a day, can become 200 lbs for up to an hour, while retaining same size
10 Ivory Wolf Eyes glow when within 40' of undead
11 Mahogany Hound Once a day, eyes glow and gaze causes paralyzing fear against one target
12 Ebony Serpent Once a month, can transfer all poison from within a target to a hollow in figurine
13 Peach Pit Feverling Eases aches and pains. +1HP / night healing
14 Forest Glass Shark Once a day, for 5 minutes will vibrate every time it hears a lie
15 Blue Glass Cat Once a day, can cause all gases within 5' to condense. They stay that way for 5 min
16 Ruby Glass Griffin Animates as above, but shadowy and can only attack ethereal creatures. Also can possess mindless undead.
17 Brass Horse Once a day, trap incorporeal creature (they get a save). Only one can be trapped at a time.
18 Blackened Steel Frog Animates as above, but only 6” tall.
19 Silver Goat Once a day, nothing within 5' can cause noise for 5 minutes
20 Doll Gorilla Can store a rank 1 spell

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Index Card D&D

I return! Here's my ruleset for Index Card D&D - a collaborative GM-less super simplified dungeon crawl game. Basically, everyone spends like 15 minutes creating a class, monster, treasure, room, and trap, and then we play a simplified D&D with the results. It's silly fun and always unbalanced, and you accumulate more cards the more you play. We've super been enjoying it, so I figured I'd share the current iteration of the rules. It's especially fun with a beer in hand!

[link to pdf]

If you play this, I'd love to hear about it! Feedback welcome, especially if the directions are unclear. I'm thiiiinking of running this Friday or Saturday night at North Texas RPG Con, since there's a dearth of games in those slots (and it was fun trying it last year), so hit me up if that's something you'd be interested in. :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Strigastadt VIII

Tonight's game was with a smaller crew than we're used to, yet it was quite eventful! It turned out to be a super long play report, so maybe grab a cup of tea before you dive in. :)

Belina the (mutant) printer [Jackson]
Barbarus the aspiring chicken farmer [Also Jackson]
Roxanne the wrecker [JT]
Cecilly the acrobat [Alex]

The session started with some upkeep / long-term plans. Cecilly is rounding up acrobats, jugglers, and other performers in a scheme to establish a sort of street performers' union backed by the protection of the Stone Cats. She found a few acquaintances willing to join if the Stone Cats established their reputation a little more solidly (Roxanne: "So we're a clown gang now?"). Work was also done to take control of the Belltower, former hangout of the Blind Vipers and crossroads of two inter-building bridges, where Cecilly hopes to establish a sort of soft toll checkpoint. The resident old bell-keeper resignedly sighed and ignored them as she went about her work. The plan is to have a rotating cast of performers that'll play and encourage donations (the gang keeping part of the profits), all while subtly keeping track of the movements of notable folks. Roxanne is working as a laborer until she finds employment as a bodyguard, and Barbarus (halfway healed from the saw-blade trap in the Grey District) managed to find a chicken farmer to apprentice himself to so he'll have expertise when his grand vision of maintaining rooftop coops outside the Roost is finally realized.

Included in the group Cecilly has recruited so far is Raga Sigisdotr. She's known for her imaginative portraits, and plans to ply her trade below the Belltower when that gig gets going. She mocked one Drosta Sibrosky, maker of accurate but dull portraits. She's a bit jealous since Drosta has recently been patronized by Sigga the Wolf.

Regarding the captured Red Demon Knives of Terror... All four agreed to join the Stone Cats, but two deserted the moment eyes were off them. Roxanne rewarded the other two for their loyalty with silver, and is supervising while they help to restore the Belltower, cleaning scorch marks off walls and putting doors back on their hinges.

The Belltower
While going about these tasks I mentioned that there's a feast-day on the full moon in four days' time (now two), the Stormlord's Feast. In honor of Thegthiec, god of storms, vengeance, and vice, the festival involves a great deal of feasting and general excess. Many groups buy out whole bars to provide free drinks to passers-by, including the Hargrave Guards, the Watchers, the Velvet Knights, and many other groups. Even the stingy and unloved Brinston Boys participate, trying to buy the love of the common folk. It'd be a great opportunity for the Stone Cats to earn some goodwill.

The feast-day has drawn the following people to Krüger so far:
Burgrave Aderfeld, who has dominion over several boroughs, including Krüger. Lady Hargrave and Lord Brinston owe fealty to him.
Lord Hammerfist, who has set up just across the bridge from the Belltower.
Hama Thurison, seer of some renown. Able to part the veil and see Truth, for a price.
Chiongo the amulet maker, reputable dealer in amulets to ward off the evil eye and other fell sorceries common folk are powerless to resist.

An amulet for every curse!
The priesthood of Thegthiec has jurisdiction during the feast-day, so until midnight people avoid conflict at all costs, as the priests are known for quite imaginative punishments. The minute after midnight though, a handful are occasionally inspired to honor Thegthiec's vengeful aspect, settling old scores. Barbarus has contacted the Righteous Banner and they're musing over a possible assassination overnight to make use of this cover... Mork requested Barbarus gather information on Lord Hammerfist and Lord Brinston as potential targets while they think it over.

The feast-day has also brought in various sorts looking to profit off the crowds, including several folks peddling a variety of drugs on Coalstreet, below the Roost. Apparently they felt it reasonable to sell there since it's not in any active gang's territory. The party set out to correct that misapprehension. Muscling them out, they made clear Coalstreet is Stone Cat territory, though the act was of mixed popularity with the common folk.

Speaking of reputation, Cecilly was accosted by members of the Watchers while she was out and about. Looking for a brawl, they called her out as a member of the Stone Cats, talking shit and threatening the upstart gang if they ever came back into Watcher territory. Cecilly escalated things with a well-placed throw, knife stuck quivering in a door frame inches from the lead thug's eye, and a retort that perhaps it is they who should learn some respect. Bellowing obscenities the two men charged, mistakenly unintimidated. Not two steps later Cecilly whipped another knife into the front dude's belly, drawing him up short while his friend charged. Distracted by the pain, the wounded guy threw his dagger with all his might at Cecilly, intending to then flee while his friend did the dirty work. Unfortunately he botched his throw, instead burying the dagger in his friend's neck. Cecilly's next throw was rather more effective. She left the bodies bleeding in the street as the bootsteps of the Brinston Boys fast approached. So, the Stone Cats have some more rep, but are definitely known for extreme violence at this point, which'll certainly impact local relations...

Constable Peters
That reputation came into play not long after. On Coalstreet a tipsy whiskey-jug wielding man with rusted helmet and cuirass introduced himself as Constable Peters, drunkenly demanding they come along quietly. Despite his several unsubtle attempts to elicit bribes, Cecilly and Belina actually agreed to spend a night in jail for appearances' sake. Constable Peters is a bit incompetent, a bit corrupt, and does not have much in the way of backup, so he wasn't gonna push his luck with these violent criminals. Locking them in his 'jail' (spare bedroom) he burbled to himself contentedly as he walked off. Belina: "I search under the bed for something useful"... One critically failed luck check later, a dead body was found under the bed instead. Rolling up an NPC and it turns out to be... a signet-ring carrying scion of Lord Hammerfist with several knife-wounds in the back (but a curious lack of blood puddle). A bit of panicking later (Belina: "What if he's a serial killer?!"  Cecilly: "Nah, too incompetent") they pounded on the door and demanded Constable Peters return, who in turn began panicking after assuring himself it was quite impossible they could have smuggled in a dead body while he arrested them. In his panic he decided to throw the body out his window into the canal below (in broad daylight), but Belina and Cecilly eventually managed to convince him to instead go straight to Lord Hammerfist, and claim they found the body in an alley outside. Belina ran off with the signet ring to fetch him while Cecilly stayed behind and made sure Constable Peters did not follow through with his earlier plan (though he did try hard to convince her). On the way over Belina spotted a contingent of 16 of Lord Hammerfist's men heading towards Constable Peters' place at a brisk pace. She hailed them, told her version of events, was clapped in irons, and taken along with.

When they arrived Cecilly immediately betrayed Constable Peters, telling the true version of events. Belina agreed, changing her story (she claimed Constable Peters had threatened them if they did not lie). The leader of Lord Hammerfist's men said this was consistent with what they had heard, which was that the scion was seen entering the building with Constable Peters and then screams shortly afterward. Sadly, Constable Peters collapsed into drunken sobbing and was unable to defend himself coherently. After the questioning of bystanders as to the party's involvement corroborated their story, the PCs were let off the hook for now...

Roxanne and Belina lingered afterwards, managing to sneak a look at some letters on the Constable's desk. One was half-finished and told of his encounter with a man dressed in the livery of the Glass Street Merchant Consortium led by Greta the Pious. He said the man was emerging from the sewers, surely up to shady business, and that he suspected the Consortium was up to something nefarious related to their recent expansion and extensive hiring of guards. The letter was addressed to Lady Hargrave. Unfortunately the men noticed Belina reading the letter and snatched it from her, kicking them out while they continued their investigation. Belina decided to follow up and report the letter to Lady Hargrave, in case the Hammerfists were intent on covering up that particular clue. On the way over Sigga the Wolf was seen escorting the portrait artist Drosta Sibrosky toward the South side of the borough. Sigga directed them to the guard house where Belina's story was rejected by a sleepy-looking guy with "You better be happy I am a deeply lazy man, I ought to lock up a filthy commoner like you for libel of an upstanding member of our merchant community, but I ain't feeling it right now. At least not if you get out of my sight before I come to my senses..."

Sigga the Wolf - Leader of the Hargrave Guards
Converted mini I made from several others
The party in no way believes Constable Peters did the deed, so the mystery remains unsolved for the moment...

The next day, Raga Sigisdotr reported to Cecilly that the Hargrave Guards had put up wanted posters for the arrest of Barbarus, Celeste, and Leonora on charges of theft and murder (reward of 20 silver!). She says she recognizes the uninspired but unfortunately accurate (as if from life!) artwork of Drosta Sibrosky, and warned Cecilly to tell her friends to lay low. She also mentioned gallows had been erected in the market square...

Later that day, the long-imprisoned former leader of the Blackbirds was hung with little fanfare. Barbarus decided to lay low in the Roost until night, when he'd take a boat over to the Grey District and lay low with the Rat King. Unfortunately, just after nightfall a force of the Hargrave Guards stealthily crossed the rooftop below the Roost, intent on his capture. Noticing them before they got too close, Barbarus hastily descended the chain to the rooftop garden on the other side, intending to use the crops as cover as he fled. As he opened the door to the farmer's abode (where there are stairs down into the building) he came face-to-face with two more guards taking that route. Turning heel and fleeing through the garden towards the Sarcophagus bar, Barbarus quickly plotted a route down to the sub-street tunnels and out to the docks. One crossbow bolt narrowly missed him as he burst through the door, and another nicked his cheek as he sprinted across the bridge on the other side. Baseball-sliding under confused soldiers of Dame Nimeria, Barbarus managed to outdistance his pursuers, using his mental map from his days as linkboy as guide.

Barbarus managed to make it out onto the night-darkened docks where he quickly decided stealing a rowboat was safer than hoping to hide among the crates and fishy cargo. As he rowed away lantern-light splashed across the docks and shouts were heard; they knew where he had gone. Heaving a sigh of relief he rowed into the fog... Me: "Ok, but since it's night-time and you're entering the Grey District I'll just check in case there's an encounter as you head over..." aaaaand of course the cruel dice gods spoke. Halfway across the river pale eyes reflected the bright moonlight. Webbed claws parted the water as several shapes swam towards the rowboat. Barbarus reversed course and frantically rowed back the way he had come, but not before the claws reached the boat. One reeking form pulled itself onboard, wielding a rusted meathook as it made for him. Mouth full of needle-like teeth its scaled form inspired terror. The meathook bit deep into Barbarus' thigh, but he managed to boot the thing back into the water and maintain his footing on the rocking boat. More forms pulled their way onboard as he desperately resumed rowing, one lunging forward and taking his left eye with a vicious bite. Barbarus' only hope was making it back to shore and the tender mercies of the Hargraves before he bled out, so he stoically shrugged off the pain and rowed harder. The bloodstained would-be chicken farmer miraculously made it just to the docks (the two guards panicking at the monstrous shapes and firing upon them) but unfortunately his foes were too numerous and intent on feasting upon his flesh, managing to bite into him and pull him down into the icy waters to his doom...

So ends Barbarus. 

The doom of Barbarus
(image by Pasi Juhola [src])
The Hargrave Guards turned over the Roost looking for the other two wanted murderers, but fortunately neither Celeste nor Leonora were there at the time.

On the plus side, the party accomplished several goals during the session! The Stone Cats are now locally known (though currently of ill-repute), the Belltower is now under their control, a murder mystery has begun, the local constable is out of the picture for the time being, and a feast-day is coming up. A possibility for next session was discussed, that looting over in the Grey District may turn enough of a profit that y'all could sponsor a truly glorious night at the Sarcophagus during the Stormlord's Feast, thereby throwing money at the problem and trying to buy the goodwill of the locals (one of the main reason factions sponsor festivals honestly). Laying low in the Grey District seems like a good idea considering the heat those wanted posters are bringing.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Strigastadt Play Report VII

And with this, the blog is finally caught up! Previous play report: [link]

Last week's session summary:
Roxanne [JT], wrecker
Tom [Mackenzie], fungus farmer
Ludovica [Lauren], apprentice alchemist
Leonora [Bart], spy
Cecilly [Alex], acrobat
Zamara [Heather], initiate of Zig
Belina [Jackson], mutant printer

The party returned to the borough Krüger on the inhabited side of the river, seeking to recuperate from wounds the Vorn Owls inflicted as well as establish themselves as a proper gang. Lo Ren Zao was left in the Rat King's care as he underwent a transformation... In Krüger Cecilly gained patronage for her performances from one Count Marshhold, a smiling but somewhat creepy noble who has recently moved back into Strigastadt, apparently at the behest of his relative Greta the Pious (leader of the Glass Street merchant consortium). Zamara worked hard at gaining new converts to the following of Zig, and Tom focused on setting up his mushroom children... He's rented a basement in the building below the Roost and tucked them away there, with plenty of organic material for sustenance, including a slain Vorn Owl and former comrade Chuck Chuckleston, with the hope the fungal creatures will use the bones as a framework to grow protectors. Only time will tell!

While going about their business, the party ran into a gang wearing puffed-and-slashed red coats, bolo knives, and pompadours, who called themselves the Red Demon Knives of Terror!!!1!  They apparently laid claim to the area around Coalstreet, where the Roost is, and were shaking down the nearby shrines for protection money. Cecilly artfully backflipped in front of them and offered the services of the "Stone Cats Entertainment Troupe" to their leader Udhidg, who was well pleased at the prospect. Udhidg said she expected a performance in two days at... looked around, and pointed at the Sarcophagus, declaring that's where they'd set up their HQ. Cecilly bowed out, and the party began their plans...

The Stone Cats?
Two days later, after the Red Demon Knives of Terror attacked and took over the Sarcophagus bar and called out the people hiding in the Roost to fight (Barbarus - "Nobody here but us chickens!"), the plan was carried out. Leonora had procured a large quantity of wine which was drugged by concoctions procured by Ludovica. Belina, Roxanne, and Cecilly worked out a routine to put on while the others served the drinks, with knives concealed. After most had drunk and were starting to act woozy the performance reached its apex and the party sprung into action. Belina attempted to stun the sober Udhidg with her fungal eye but Udhidg shrugged off the effects. Then a bolt of yellowish energy was cast and people started stabbing... Two of the Knives were defenestrated and a surprisingly tough Roxanne managed to avoid being crushed by Udhidg's meteor hammer. The inhibited Knives finally surrendered after half died, but one lieutenant managed to escape out into the night (to which the party said good! Let the tale be told the Stone Cats have arrived to stake a claim). Those who surrendered were told to join or die, but immediately passed out due to the drugged wine, so time will tell whether they'll convert or desert.
Udhidg's Meteor Hammer

The party's rendition of the Red Wedding took most of the evening, but the Stone Cats did subsequently lay claim to the Sarcophagus and the rooftop farm outside, and are eyeing additional strategic assets to gain control over, such as the old Belltower where the Blind Vipers used to reside. The party is still debating the uniform for the Stone Cats, in order to fit in with the other Krüger gangs. :)  I'm looking forward to seeing how it'll play out next time!